Multiple Ways To Make Money 

When you become a reseller of the PushButton products you'll be able to sell the software the way clients want to buy. We've built every platform to be able to be sold as white-label, branded or stand-alone. Plus, there's multiple pricing models for each type giving you the ability to say "YES, we can do that for you" to all of your prospects.

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Now You Can Say YEs To How They Want To Buy

Here's All The Ways You Can Monetize Your Platforms

SAAS Model

Charge a monthly recurring fee for every business which signs up. Fees can be set as fixed or with usage limits.

Per Campaign

You can charge a company a flat fee to run a their platforms for them as a done-with-you service

PAAS Model

Similar to a the SAAS model however the client will pay for all of the sending and usage fees (sms, email, voice).

Per Lead

You'll have the ability to run and manage campaigns for the business and charge a per lead fee.


The platforms have a built in sub-account functionality so you can offer the platforms to other people looking to launch a software business.

Done For You

Some companies will just want to write a check and you'll be able to run and manage the platforms for them.

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Start your own software selling company without writing any code or investing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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